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Evolve Organic Seedling Starter 500ml

Evolve Organic Seedling Starter 500ml



EVOLVE Seedling Starter liquid organic fertilizer promotes quick germination, massive root development and quick emergence. EVOLVE Seedling Starter organic fertilizer is derived from digested vegetable meal, bat guano, citric acid, potassium hydroxide and kelp meal. Can be used on all indoor (including tropicals) and outdoor plants. If you liked using No-Damp, you will love using EVOLVE Seedling Starter organic fertilizer.

​Get seed. Get soil. Get growing with EVOLVE Seedling Starter! It’s easy to grow organic.

Rate: 3ml of EVOLVE Seedling Starter / 1L of water
Available Sizes: 500ml
Special Order Sizes: 4L, and 10L


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