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Evolve Organic 3-Part Series Ultra Micro 0-0-5 

Evolve Organic 3-Part Series Ultra Micro 0-0-5 


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Evolve Organic Ultra Series 3 Part Base Nutrient Program
is made from only organic certified ingredients.   These plant fertilizers are added together in your resevoir to supply all the nutrients that your plant requires.  Nothing else is needed.  All the major and micro nutrients are supplied to your plant  to grow healthy and vibrant.  Never adjust the amounts that you are putting into your water system.  Always stay the same throughout the entire life cycle.  If you want to add some more fertilizer enhancers take a look at our Rage Plus 0-0-6 product or add a high phosphate or potassium product such as our Plant Revive 0-0-20.
Suitable for all indoor and outdoor  plants.
RATE OF USE:                                        
Ultra Grow 5-0-0          2ml/litre of water
Ultra Bloom 0-4-0        3ml/litre of water
Ultra Micro 0-0-5          3ml/litre of water

     This earth friendly product line has a convenient flip top lid and special dispenser inside the cap.  This way  you can squeeze the bottle and the exact amount that you are dispensing goes into your measuring cup instead of spilling everywhere.

Enjoy your garden  and grow your plants everyday.


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