Bayliss Triple Spring

Bayliss Triple Spring


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The Bayliss Mk7-1 Autovent has been deigned for aluminium or timber framed hinged vents measuring up to approximetely 2 ft square (60cm square).

It fints neatly, close to the glass, consequently taking up less head room than a normal stay on a roof vent, and is shown above fitted to a vent 2ft (60cm) wide. The unit is 11 1/2″ long (exclucing the hexagon adjuster seen above on the right of the autovent). This model will operate a vent exerting a load of 14lbs (6kgs) the the point where it is attached to the vent, and can be set to start opening the vent a t temperatures between 55F (12C) and 75F (25C), giving a maximum vent opening of approximately 12″.


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