Cottage Series 8′ x 12′ – White/Brown/Green Frame

Cottage Series 8′ x 12′ – White/Brown/Green Frame


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The Cottage series is one of our newer models with an elegant 8.5/12 slope. The greenhouse has 5’6″ side walls and an overall height of 8’11 3/16″.

Want increased height? No problem, create a decorative wall of wood, concrete or stone we just simply drop the door to ground level and away you go.

Available in 3 different choices of coverings of tempered glass, polycarbonate or a combination of the two. You can get the heavy duty aluminum frame in your choice of 3 colours White, Brown or Green. Custom colours are possible but at an additional cost.

The features a T tracking system enabling you to slide bolts up and down freely. Standard storm door and automatic roof vents help keep the greenhouse well ventilated.


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