8.0 mm Clear Polycarbonate

8.0 mm Clear Polycarbonate


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Energy Saving Polycarbonate

  • Diffuses sunlight to prevent “hot spots” on foliage
  • Insulates against the cold
  • Withstands hail, rocks and baseballs
  • Minimizes interior condensation
  • 10 year warranty on discoloration and deterioration

Strengths: Hail resistant, Polycarbonate is one of the toughest coverings around. Specifically developed for commercial greenhouses Polycarbonate protects against rocks, hail and can even withstand the impact of a baseball that may have ventured into your yard.

Light transmission: Polycarbonate has 85% of the light transmission of single glass-plenty of light for growing plants. It also diffuses light better to reduce plant sunburn. Because of the insulating effect of the double wall, there is less condensation (and more light transmission) and little or no dripping from overhead. A special exterior surface coating resists weathering and triples the life of the Polycarbonate.

The sheets are 2′ & 4′ Wide, and come in even lengths up to 16′. Custom cutting is available.


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