Cannabis What you need to know to Grow

Cannabis What you need to know to Grow

Cannabis What you need to know to Grow

So…. You want to know how to grow Cannabis?  EH!

Since the legalization of cannabis this past fall we have had a number of our customers wondering how to start growing their own.  There is a lot of information on the internet, so therefore it must be true. This is not always the case and one needs to take heed and make time to ask questions, gather information and take time to begin the education process on safe and healthy growing.  

We have had different suppliers come to us with a number of products for growing cannabis from fertilizers, soils and lights to name a few. Questions to ask yourself before you begin;

1) Do you want to grow it organically? 

2) Traditional growing or Hydroponics? 

3) How much will it cost me?

and so many more questions with so many opinions and options to choose from, which ones are best for you?

We believe this is the seminar for you and will answer or at least clear things up for  you and get you growing in the right direction (pun intended). 

We have enlisted the talents and knowledge of one of our amazing customers. Our facilitator has been growing medicinal marijuana for a number of years now and will discuss how he started out and go over his experiences during his years of growing.

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