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Guide to Tomato Varieties

Tomatoes are a favourite of our customers here at Garden Retreat. Here is a quick handy reference for the common tomato varieties (many of which we carry). For a guide to vine/bush tomatoes, look here.

Variety name Vine/Bush Number of Days from germination to fruit Size and Colour of Fruit Comments 
Arctic Cluster Vine (indeterminate) 55-65 Medium Red Early and Cold Tolerant.
Better Boy Vine (indeterminate) 72 Medium Red, 12-16 oz Resistant to VFN (Verticillium and Fusarium wilt). Hybrid.
Big Beef (Beefstake)  Vine (indeterminate) 73 Red, 12-20 oz Disease resistant. Hybrid. High yeilding.
Bonny Best Vine (indeterminate) 72 Deep Red, 8 oz Cold tolerant
Brandywine Red/Yellow Vine (indeterminate) 80 Dark Pink, 10-16 oz Hierloom. Open Pollinated.
Cherokee Purple Vine (indeterminate) 80 Flesh is red brick colour. Skin is rose/purple in colour, 10-12 oz Beefstake fruit.
Chocolate Cherry Vine (Indeterminate) 65 Deep Purple (1 inch) Cherry tomato. Heriloom.
Cluster Grande Vine (indeterminate) 63 Intense red, 4-5 oz High yielding and disease resistant
Cobra Vine (indeterminate) 65-70 Uniform red, round or oblong, 7-8 oz Beefstake fruit. Hybrid.
Champion Vine (indeterminate) 62-70 Red, 7-10 oz Hybrid. VFNT resistant
Cabernet Vine (indeterminate) 70 Red, 10oz Grape tomato. Cold tolerant. Hybrid. Disease resistant. High yeilding.
Dr Carolyn Vine (indeterminate) 61-70 Pale ivory to pink cherry to yellow in colour. Heirloom. Cherry tomato. High yeilding.
Early Girl Vine (indeterminate) 54 Bright crimson, 5 oz Resistant to V and skin blemishes.
Fantastic Vine (indeterminate) 70 Scarlet globes, medium to large fruit size. Hybrid.
First Lady Vine (indeterminate) 66 Uniform red and smooth, 8-12 oz. Heirloom.
Gardeners Delight Vine (indeterminate) 65 Bright red Cherry. Crack resistant.
Golden Sunrise Vine (indeterminate) 78 Bright golden yellow, small to medium fruit size Heirloom
Goldie Vine (indeterminate) 85-95 Golden, 1-2 inches Heirloom
Green Grape Bush (Semi-determinate) 78 Yellow and green, 3/4 inch fruit Heirloom
Healthy Kick Vine (indeterminate) 70 Red, 4 oz High in antioxidants, vitamin A, B, and C, potassium, iron, and phosphorus.
Ildi Vine (indeterminate) 60-65 Yellow, pear shaped, 0.5 oz. Grape tomato. Greenhouse variety.
Juliet Vine (indeterminate) 60 Red, 1-2 oz. Resistant to cracking. Saladette type.
Lady Red Vine (indeterminate) ? Dark red, 7-9 oz Greenhouse type.
Lemon Boy Vine (indeterminate) 72 Lemon yellow, 7 oz VFN resistant.
Miracle Sweet Vine (indeterminate) 67 Red, 5-6 oz Hybrid. Disease resistance.
Red Grape Vine (indeterminate) 60-70 Red, 4 oz Grape tomato. Crack resistant.
Moneymaker Vine (indeterminate) 70-80 Red, 4-6 oz. Heirloom. Old English greenhouse type
New Girl Vine (indeterminate) 62 Red, 4-6 oz. Disease resistant. Successor to Early Girl tomatoes.
Red Robin Vine (indeterminate) 55 Red, 1 1/4 inch. Cherry tomato. Dwarf plant.
Red Siberian Vine (indeterminate) 55 Bright red, 4 oz. Heirloom.
San Marzano Bush (determinate) 80 Deep red, 3-4 oz. Italian saladette type. Long cylidrical fruit good for canning. Crack resistant.
Sophie’s Choice Bush (determinate) 55 Red-oragne skin, deep red flesh, 8-10 oz. Heirloom. Disease resistant. Likes cool temps.
Sun Gold Vine (indeterminate) 58 Orange/gold, 1 inch, 13g Hybrid. Cherry tomato. High in vitamin A.
Sunsugar Vine (indeterminate) 58 Bright tangerine orange, 1/2-1 inch. High in vitamin A and sugar.
Sweet Baby Girl Vine (indeterminate) 65 Dark red, 3/4 oz. Hybrid. Resistant to Tobacco Mosaic disease.
Sweet Cluster Bush (semi-determinate) 60-67 Dark red, 4 oz. Hybrid.
Sweetie Vine (indeterminate) 50 3cm Cherry tomato. Good preserved or fresh.
Sweet 100 Vine (indeterminate) 60 Red, 1 inch. Hybrid. Better yields, fruit quality, and growth habits than Sweet Million.
Sweet Million Vine (indeterminate) 60-65 days Red, 1 inch. Disease tolerant, unlike Sweet 100. Hybrid. Cherry tomato.
Tomatoberrty Garden Vine (indeterminate) 60 Deep red, 1 inch. Very sweet. Stawberry-shaped fruit.
Trust Vine (indeterminate) 75 Red, 8 oz Hybrid. Crack tolerant. Greenhouse type.
Red Tumbler Bush (determinate) 48 Bright red, 2 inches. Cherry tomatoes. Hybrid. No pruning. Good for haning baskets and containers.
Ultrasonic Bush (semi-determinate) 65 Red, 12 oz No green sholder. Crack resistant.
Ultra Sweet Vine (indeterminate) 62 Bright red, 10 oz. Hybrid.
Valiant Vine (indeterminate) 80 Red, 5-8 oz Heirloom
Vendor Vine (indeterminate) 70 Red, 6-8 oz. Greenhouse type. No green sholder.
Window Box Roma Bush (determinate) 70 Bright red, 60-80g Hybrid. Dwarf plant. Good in containers.
Yellow Pear Vine (indeterminate) 75 Yellow, 1-1 1/2 inch. Heirloom. Cherry tomato.