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Growing Orchids: The Basics

So, you bought an orchid, or received one as a gift. What now?

Orchid roots are thick and fleshy to store water
Orchid roots are thick and fleshy to store water

What are orchids?

If you purchased an orchid in a store, chances are it’s an epiphytic 
orchid. This type of plant grows on other plants or objects, such as large trees, rather than in soil. Their roots absorb nutrients from the air, rain, and material surrounding them.

Okay, so how do I grow it?

The trick to growing plants indoors is to try and replicate the environment the plant is accustomed to in the wild. This is why orchids are generally sold growing in moss or bark. Always plant this type of orchid in a loose, fast-draining potting mix with lots of bark. Research the type of orchid that you have, but most prefer a medium amount of light — a few hours morning sun rather than a hot south-facing window.

Water well, once per week, allowing the water to drain through the bottom of the pot. (If your pot has no drainage holes, you’ll have to re-pot the plant or drain the water yourself). Fertilise once per month with a general purpose orchid fertiliser, such as this one.

Keep your plants in humid, well-lit area that’s not too hot, away from air conditioners and radiators, and not directly next to a window, and your plant should be happy as can be!

Source: Bloom-Again Orchids

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