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Garden Gifts for Green Thumb Dads


Garden Retreat has what Dad needs to finish his projects, or to enjoy the ones he already finished…


The Corona Clipper compound-action anvil lopper offers three-times the cutting power of conventional loppers.        
    The Orbit Portable Outdoor Mist Cooling System provides relief from the heat wherever you need it. This preassembled kit provides 10 Ft. of mist cooling and cools the surrounding air temperatures by up to 11 degrees Celcius. Dad can install this in the greenhouse, around the patio, deck, or anywhere.
Dad needs some work gloves to protect his hands doing all this yard work! Watson’s flex time gloves feature a full-grain goatskin leather exterior, hooded fingertips & knuckle bar reinforcement, a spandex back , and Velcro closure with snug-fitting elastic wrist.             
    Dealing with a sick plant is one of the most frustrating situations a gardener or houseplant owner can face. This innovative, easy-to-use book enables Dad to recognize what’s plaguing your plants and then fix it.
If Dad is on his feet a lot, he’ll need some extra support for his back and legs. Sika Clogs are a high quality Danish occupational shoe often worn by chefs, doctors, nurses, and other professionals.             
    High (exceeding 30°C) or low (below 10°C) temperatures or a shortage of bees/pollinators will reduce tomato fruit-set. Under such conditions, application of CPA (4-chlorophenoxy acetic acid) stimulates fruit formation without pollination. In-store only.


The greenhouse has just potted up these fantastic BBQ patio gardens: everything Dad needs for the grill! Includes tomatoes, peppers, and herbs. $32.95.