2014 Plug and Plant Preorder Program


It’s late winter, and most Calgary gardeners are just itching to see some green again. Our popular pre-order plug program lets you get started growing early if you have an indoor grow room or greenhouse. Plugs are tiny cuttings with small root systems that you can replant in your greenhouse or growing room. These varieties are commonly grown annuals and some are tricky to grow from seed.

How it works:

1) Download the Plug order form 2014(spreadsheet), and fill out your contact information and order quantities. Please change the name of the spreadsheet file to your last name. *Remember to include your name, e-mail address, and phone number in the form.*

2) Email the form to darcie[at]gardenretreat[dot]ca, or fax to our office: (403) 255-8249. You should receive confirmation of your order within 3 business days by email or phone. You do not need to prepay for your plants because of the possibility of crop failures.

3)  The plugs will arrive in-store the week of March 16, 2014. We will assemble your order and call you when it is ready. You must pick up your order within 2-3 days of being called due to the fragility of plant plugs.

The deadline to place or change your order is March 10, 2014 . Please note that closer to the deadline, many popular varieties such as white bacopa become sold out.

Sold-Out Varieties: Will be updated as the orders come in

Crop Failures:  Ragtime/Rose and Shine (#42, and #110) has experienced a crop failure and has been pulled. Calibrachoa “Purple Glow has replaced Calibrachoa Purple (#15).


Click here to download the plug list as a spreadsheet Download the plug list as a pdf Gallery-Button

Plant plugs are small and fragile. If you are a new greenhouse gardener still getting the hang of seeding and plug planting, these 2.5’s are perfect for you. The 2.5″ plants are more established than the tiny plugs. Order these the same way you would order your plugs!


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